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We are a community of Christian Believers in the Methodist/Wesleyan historical tradition that emphasizes God’s redemptive action for deliverance and holy living — personal and corporate following after God, pursuing peace and love with fellow believers, and the practice of social justice. We accept Jesus as Lord, the Christ, the Living Word, revealed to us in the Bible, the written Word. We welcome you, and trust that you will meet God here among God’s people. We would be glad to have you join us each Sunday for worship.

Mission: Our mission is to spread the word of Jesus Christ and to worship Him!

Pastor Ogden’s Announcement Concerning Church Opening:

I greet you all with these words from the Apostle Paul to Timothy, “May God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord give you grace, mercy, and peace.” Unless something unforeseen happens, the Lathrop United Methodist Church will begin
conducting “in-person” worship services on June 7th.
As you probably suspect worship
will not be held “as usual” for a while. The following changes will be made to bring the Church in line with the various health codes, and the expectations of The United
Methodist Church:

1. The entire “in-person” worship services will be live streamed, so those who feel safer staying at home can be a part of the worship service as it happens. According to the bishop’s office vulnerable individuals should continue to shelter in place.
2. Service time will be at 11:00 a.m. and will be shortened to 45 minutes.
3. Please arrive a bit early and observe “social distancing” as you enter the building.
4. Because of various health regulations our seating has been limited, so you will be seated by an usher. You will probably not be able to set in “Your Pew.” We are limited to 60 worshippers in the entire building (main floor in the sanctuary, balcony, and social hall). In the sanctuary every other pew will remain empty. If you are directed to the social hall you will be able to see and hear the service as it happens on the monitor.
5. There will be no bulletin – everything will be printed on the monitors.
6. The offering trays will be by the exit.
7. Methodists are “talkers and touchers!” However, we request (regretfully) that you not shake hands, fist-bump, hug, or have extended up-close conversations
inside the building. Smile and wave – seems the most recommended way of greeting. I don’t like it, but I’ll respect others personal space.
8. Wearing of a face mask (while optional) is encouraged especially when entering and exiting the building (read a study done by a university in Hong Kong that
wearing face mask cuts transferal of the virus droplets by 75%).
9. Methodist sing, but health professionals say singing projects “droplets” further, so singing will be somewhat limited – sadly. It’s recommend that singing is
done only with a face mask.
10. There will be sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers in various places throughout the building.
11. For the time being Sunday School, children’s moments during worship, and Holy Communion will suspended.
12. The kitchen will be closed – sorry no coffee.
13. At the end of the service ushers will dismiss the congregation by row.I realize all this seems like such a “sterile” way to conduct worship. I can’t wait for the day all this “fear of . . . .” is behind us. However, for now this is our reality. Continue to
pray that the medical professionals will soon come up with effective treatments and vaccine.
I long to see you again; even if it’s at a distance and behind a face mask.

Masks will be provided to those that might not have one.
also we will collect the masks at the end of the service if you do not wish to take one home.
They will be washed and sanitized available for reuse the next week